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Fujihd Escalator Manufacturer share how to design a scientific escalator: First, what is the width of the escalator: Step width: 600 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm. The escalator is divided into two angles of 30 degrees and 35 degrees. It is now common to install an elevator with a one-meter-wide ladder. The outer diameter of the escalator is 1.55 meters. The specified size of the two sets is 3.6 meters (3.3). The meter can be installed. If the single unit is larger than 1.6 meters, the calculation formula of the span of the escalator is the front of the escalator plus the middle size plus the middle size. (The intermediate size of the escalator should be the trigonometric function tan30∠=0.577 and tan35∠=0.700. The escalator with a height of 4 meters and a 35 degree angle is about 4.8 meters (the size of each elevator manufacturer is not the same but the size difference is small) plus (4.0/0.7=5.71)=11.4 meters. Thus, the width of the 4 m escalator is 3.6 meters and the span is 11.4 meters. Second, the escalator emergency stop method: 1. Code of Conduct Before going up the elevator, you should pack the shoelaces, long skirts, etc., so as not to be caught by the elevator gap; do not extend the head and hands beyond the armrests to avoid bumping or scraping; do not step on the elevators that are out of service, so as not to suddenly A fall has occurred. When you lift the elevator by hand, your hand cannot be pinched into the gap to avoid getting stuck. 2. Emergency button for the elevator a If you accidentally get caught, you can lift your foot so that it does not touch the steps and prevent your body from falling with the elevator. At the same time, the person presses the emergency button. bThe emergency button of the elevator is three from top to bottom, plus an emergency brake rubber ring: (1) Emergency button on the inside of the top of the escalator. (2) Emergency button outside the armrest. (3) Emergency button at the bottom of the escalator. (4) The rubber ring at the top of the escalator. In an emergency, you can step on the rubber ring with your toes and stop the escalator. On the escalator, if you accidentally fall, please protect your temples and internal organs with your hands. Beware of mass repression events. information about Escalator Manufacturer :

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