Blanche fuji's Album: Elevator Manufacturer Reminds Elevator D

The Elevator Manufacturer teaches you how to use the elevator correctly: First confirm whether the elevator can be used. You cannot take the elevator during fire, earthquake, windstorm, power outage or maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to take passengers in the debris elevator. When the car arrives at the station, look at the running direction indicator to determine if it is the direction you want to go. If so, the passengers will see if the sill is level and then enter the car. The floor to which the elevator is arriving is confirmed by the display or the floor button light being turned off. After entering the car, press the button to go to the floor; if you want to close the door immediately, press “ ” to confirm the floor to which the elevator is coming from the display or the floor button light. When you arrive at the destination landing, leave the car door fully open and go out; if you want to open the door for a long time, press the door open button. Do not lean against the door panel, and do not touch the door during the door opening and closing. Do not throw the skin and other debris in the waiting hall, so as not to hinder the automatic closing of the elevator door. Do not block the elevator door that is closing with your body or other objects. The door of the elevator should be in and out quickly. Do not talk or stay with others. Pay attention to the clothing to avoid scratching the door panel and the sill. Do not enter or exit the car when the height difference between the car and the floor is greater than 600 mm. Children and pets should be tightened or picked up when entering or leaving the car. Old people, children or people with reduced mobility should be accompanied by someone when they take the elevator. Do not use the elevator safety window to transport longer items, as the protruding end is extremely dangerous to collide with components or hoistway walls in the hoistway. Do not concentrate the goods on the corner of the car. Passengers should also stand evenly to avoid overloading the device and affect the elevator operation. Do not carry untreated flammable, explosive or corrosive items on public elevators. When the elevator is overcharged, the passengers who enter will voluntarily quit and wait patiently for the next trip. Do not play in the car, jump, slamming, and tapping buttons. These actions may affect the normal operation of the elevator and even trap people. information about Elevator Manufacturer :