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  • Whether it is a car wash shop that uses a garden spray gun to wash a car, or a private car owner, it is inevitable that the car wash effect obtained when using the water gun is as good as possible. When the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, the car wash should be completed as efficiently as possible. Reduce the adverse effects on the vehicle. So everyone needs to know exactly which factors will affect the use of garden spray guns?

    The stable voltage is the premise that the garden spray gun can be used. When the voltage is unstable, the pressure generated inside the high pressure water gun is also unstable, so the water flow from the water gun will also be unstable. At the same time, the lack of lubricating oil in the pump will also lead to unstable water flow. Without the moisturizing of the lubricating oil, the fluency of the water valve will be relatively poor, and the intermittent movement of the water valve will also cause instability of the water flow. In addition, the quality of the water pipe will affect the stability of the water flow. It is better to use a better quality seal ring for the connection part of the water pipe. There is no missing water, so that the water sprayed by the water gun will be smoother, and the water pipe should not be folded as much as possible. .

    In short, whether it is the design status or quality of the garden spray gun, or the power supply and water supply, it will affect its use effect. It must be in good condition in all aspects, and the use effect of the water gun will be very good.

    In addition to the metal material of the car wash water gun, the plastic material is also widely used in all aspects of car wash. Although the metal water gun is better and more stable than the plastic water gun, it is also damaged. possible. Therefore, no matter what type of water gun you use, you should pay attention to protect it and avoid unnecessary damage to the water gun. This will ensure that the water gun can be taken out at any time when needed to ensure long-term application of the water gun.

    The user is required to pay attention to the protection of the garden spray gun. The first is to remind him to move the water gun during use to avoid being affected by external forces such as collision and friction. Otherwise, the structure of the water gun may be damaged or the surface may be damaged. To this end, everyone is required to pack the water gun first, and keep it in a fixed state during transportation. If necessary, take it up and move it. Do not drag the water gun directly against the water pipe.

    In order to protect the garden spray gun, the user is reminded to avoid placing the water gun outdoors for a long time to prevent premature aging of the water gun material. At the same time, it is necessary to remove the water in the water pipe when the water gun is used up. When handling and handling, pay attention to handling the water pipes, and do not bend the water pipes too much.
    More information about garden spray gun can be found at https://www.gao-zhan.net/
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    3/29/19 at 1:00 PM
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Avoid Unnecessary Damage To The Garden Spray Gun

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