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  • Stainless steel hoses are used in many applications and can be used in many occasions. Especially in home decoration, kitchens and bathrooms are places where stainless steel hoses work. In recent years, there are more and more types of stainless steel hose products. The quality is even more uneven. There are some cases where the stainless steel hose is defective. What causes the surface defects of these water pipes? Let's take a look.

    Reasons for surface defects of stainless steel hoses:

    1. Polishing and polishing passivation is uneven.

    After pickling and polishing, the pickling passivation treatment is carried out, especially for the blunt parts with large area, it is difficult to achieve uniform and uniform effect, and the ideal uniform surface cannot be achieved.

    2. Pickling is not in place.

    Pickling passivation paste is not omnipotent, and black scales produced by plasma cutting and flame cutting may be difficult to remove.

    3. Scratches caused by human factors.

    In the process of lifting, transporting and processing, bumping, dragging, hammering, etc. can damage the stainless steel hose, which is the main cause of defects on the surface of the water pipe.

    4. Equipment factors.

    Defects occur due to water pipe scratches caused by processing or lifting equipment.

    Generally speaking, the above are the reasons why the surface of the stainless steel hose may be defective. In order to ensure the quality of the water pipe, we must pay attention to it.

    Stainless steel hoses are very common in daily life, and their use is also very important. Once the stainless steel hose leaks, it will greatly affect the use effect and affect the service life of stainless steel hoses. Today, Xiaobian came to teach you simple four strokes to extend the service life of home-made stainless steel hoses.

    Four strokes extend the life of home-made stainless steel hoses:

    1. Try not to pour soy sauce, oil stains, etc. into stainless steel hoses in daily life. Both of them are prone to chemical reactions, which may cause stainless steel hoses to rust.

    2. In the process of using stainless steel hoses at home, if rust occurs, it is necessary to apply stainless steel wax specially used for rust removal in the rust area. After tens of thousands of waxes, it can be polished and cleaned.

    3, in daily use, try not to use a sharp hard object to collide with the stainless steel hose, which may cause it to deform or scratch the appearance, causing the surface protective film to be destroyed.

    4. Before installing the stainless steel hose, it is best to first apply a layer of vegetable oil to the surface of the water pipe and then slightly dry it with fire. This not only makes the stainless steel hose easier to clean, but also extends the service life of the water pipe.

    Through the above four strokes, the service life of home-made stainless steel hoses can be effectively extended, and it is hoped that the majority of water pipe users can be helped.
    More information about stainless steel hose can be found at https://www.gao-zhan.net/
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Causes Of Surface Defects In Stainless Steel Hoses

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