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  • The operation of the garden spray gun is a certain professional, there are many matters to be aware of, the use of the process steps is also more specific, poor use may cause more serious adverse consequences. Therefore, operators are usually required to conduct training before starting work to ensure that the garden spray gun can be optimized. As far as the application of garden spray guns is concerned, the operators mainly have the following requirements:

    In the use of garden spray guns, operators are required to wear safety helmets, gloves, rain boots, raincoats, and protective masks during cleaning operations. The hand must hold the garden spray gun to prevent recoil. At the same time, the operator should also pay attention to the process of using the water gun. During the operation and cleaning of the water gun, a special guardian must be designated to monitor the whole process. During the cleaning operation, the water flow shall not be directed at the high-pressure water flow of people, electrical appliances, instrumentation equipment, etc., so as to avoid causing damage to relevant personnel.

    Of course, there is a very basic point. It is required to pay attention to the operation of the garden spray gun operator, to ensure that the work area is Gree at the time of operation, and it is forbidden for unrelated personnel to enter the area casually during the operation, so as to avoid the high pressure of the water gun. The phenomenon that water will injure surrounding people.

    Many farms are watered with garden spray guns to simplify irrigation and promote efficient watering. However, it should be reminded that the application of this type of water gun is professional, requires the operator to be professionally trained, and must pay attention to the following three points in the work to ensure the optimal application of the water gun:

    First, if the barrel is loose or shaken during the use of the garden spray gun, and the water gun cannot be turned off, it must be stopped immediately and the equipment should be notified for repair. Can not continue to use in the case of water guns, otherwise it will not only affect the car wash effect due to poor water output, but also cause safety hazards due to poor water gun status.

    Secondly, the operator should pay attention to the fact that when the garden spray gun is connected to high-pressure water, the gun head is not allowed to be aimed at others. Because the water gun is high-pressure water, the impact of the water is very strong. If it is facing the person, it is possible to be in the water. It causes harm to the human body.

    The third point is that the garden spray gun should pay attention to the fact that when the joint pipe is leaked, the connecting pipe is replaced in time, and the water pipe of the seat surface is broken and the high-pressure water splashes and hurts. Also, be aware that when it is found that the connecting pipe may leak water, do not try to leak the water directly by hand.
    More information about garden spray gun can be found at https://www.gao-zhan.net/
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    3/30/19 at 1:00 PM
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Three Considerations For Using A Garden Spray Gun

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