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Triangle on PS4 or Y on 2k19 mt

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    April 14

    Once you've got some hard-earned VC (or some you just bought through microtransactions), you're all set to buy animations. First, you will want to press Triangle on PS4 or Y on 2k19 mt Xbox One while you are at The Neighborhood. From here, you're going to go to MyPlayer within this navigation menu and head on to the Animation Store tab.

    This is where you are likely to need to head to buy cartoons and emotes in NBA 2K19, as this has classes for all the different options like Spin Jumpers, Post Fades, Jump Shots and much more. As soon as you've found the animations that you would like to purchase in NBA 2K19, you'll just need to press Triangle / Y again to purchase and confirm that your spends, as long as you have got sufficient VC.

    Provided that you do, the VC will be deducted from your account, along with your new animations and emotes will be inserted to the My Animations tab inside your MyPlayer menu.And that is all you want to Buy nba 2k19 mt know to purchase animations and emotes from NBA 2K19. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, we've got a guides wiki taking you through everything from the basics to more complex tactics and skills.

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